How to Help Manage a Loved One’s Anxiety

When a friend or loved one suffers from anxiety, it can be intimidating or frustrating trying to help them cope. Panic and anxiety attacks can leave the anxiety sufferer feeling any number of symptoms, and you may feel helpless and unable to support them. Here are some tips to help you manage a loved one’s anxiety.ListenLet your loved one know...[ read more ]

When Will I Start Feeling Better? Grieving for the First Time

One of the most devastating experiences we must endure in life is grieving the loss of a loved one. Although we have the knowledge that everyone will eventually die, and we logically understand the finality of death, no amount of information can prepare us for the devastation of the actual experience. Losing someone we love for the first time can...[ read more ]

Grounding Rocks: A Coping Skill for Anxiety, Stress & Life

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Grounding Rocks: A Coping Skill for Anxiety, Stress & Life Grounding: Connect to the Present Moment Grounding techniques are meant to help you connect to the present moment in a nonjudgmental, realistic way often though helping you feel more connected to the present moment. I recommend clients use grounding techniques to clear their mind of worry and anxiety.  It's great...[ read more ]

4 Questions to ask yourself to help identify your values

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4 Questions to ask yourself to help identify your core values If you read my previous post about values and goals, you understand the importance of identifying your core values.  But how do you get to the bottom of what your "core" values are?  How do you determine what should be guiding all of the decisions you make on a...[ read more ]

Self Care Post Round Up

Self Care and Meditation at Aspire Counseling

The Inspiration To say I'm passionate about encouraging people to attend to their own needs and have good self care habits might be an understatement....  Luckily for me, I'm not alone.  A few days ago I met with three amazing colleagues I had the privilege of working with at Fulton State Hospital to talk about one of our favorite topics:...[ read more ]

Self Care: Getting Back to the Basics

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Self Care: Getting Back to the Basics This month, I'm really emphasizing the importance of self care and combating the myth that you "don't have time for self care." By now, you've probably read my post defining Self Care, but as a quick refresher: I consider Self Care to mean anything that you intentionally do to attend to your mental, emotional...[ read more ]

Daily Accomplishments as Self Care

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Daily Small Accomplishments as Self Care: How can you feel a sense of accomplishment each day to improve your mental health? The day of the week was a Wednesday. That day in the middle of the week where you are already exhausted but still have a little ways to go before you reach the weekend. It had been a rough...[ read more ]

Is Self Care Selfish?

Why is Self Care Important?

Is Self Care Selfish? If Your Airplane is Falling Out of the Sky Think about the last time you rode on a plan.  Now I invite you to recall what the flight attendant said during the safety demonstration.  You were listening, right?  If you weren't, my sister's a flight attendant and I'm sure she'd be happy to tell you all...[ read more ]

10 Self Care Activities That Take 10 Minutes or Less

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10 Self Care Activities that take 10 Minutes or Less It is very common for me to end a counseling session by asking a client, “What are you going to do for self care this week?”  When we first start working together, a new client might answer, “I don’t have time for self care.”  It’s true that we live in...[ read more ]

Freedom, Independence & Mental Health

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Freedom, Independence & Mental Health One of the definitions gives for the word “Independence” is “freedom from the control, influence, support, aid or the like, of others,” and a definition they use for freedom is “the power to determine action without restraint.” I’ve been pondering how these terms apply to the clients I see on a daily basis.  I...[ read more ]

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