8 Important Considerations when talking to Anxious Students about School Violence

My child anxious going to school after the Florida school shooting… What do I say?  Since the Valentines Day shooting in Florida, your sons and daughters have also likely heard about local incidents or threats of violence such as the one in Centralia or Republic, Missouri. In fact, schools around the country are facing threats of school violence and responding to...[ read more ]

The Traumatic Impact of Divorce on Adult Children

Adult Children of Divorced Parents Young children are full of wonder and awe and a lot of energy! They are also full of innocence, which is why it’s important that adults protect them from dangerous situations and unnecessary heartaches. Unfortunately, that isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to divorce. Children of parents who decide to divorce can feel like...[ read more ]

Missouri Winter & Mental Health: 5 Tips

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Missouri Winter & Mental Health: 5 Strategies to get you through the Winter with a pep in your step! Winter in Mid Missouri can seem dreary and cold.  It takes more effort to get out of the house and when we get a heavy snow or ice, people may stay inside for days on end. With less socialization, a decrease...[ read more ]

Coping With Grief Through Meditation

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Coping with Grief Through Meditation Dealing with grief is one of the most devastating things in life that we must unfortunately experience. The finality of losing someone we love can cause us to feel angry, anxious or depressed. When dealing with grief, it may feel like you can’t move forward, or you don’t know how you can continue living in...[ read more ]

7 Powerful Tips for Parenting Through Divorce or Separation

young girl - how to parent while going through a divorce

Parenting Through Divorce or Separation Last month I wrote a blog post on helping teenagers cope with divorce, but felt like a separate post was needed on helping younger children and pre-teens since developmentally they’re in a very different place. Your emotions may feel all over the place when you think about your separation/divorce and your children-you feel guilty for...[ read more ]

Why do Women Wait to Report Sexual Assault & Rape?

Rape and Assault Counseling in Columbia, MO

Why do Women Wait to Report Sexual Assault & Rape? Ever since Harvey Weinstein’s lewd sexual behavior toward females in Hollywood became common knowledge, there are stories in the news nearly every day of women telling their stories of sexual assault.  We’re hearing stories of women being grabbed inappropriately or being pressured into performing sexual acts with males who have power...[ read more ]

Does Depression Get Better?

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Does Depression Get Better?   A client recently asked me, “Do you feel this happy?” I was surprised by the question and asked her to explain. She had felt miserable and depressed for years and after some intensive treatment recently was starting to feel better.  She was once again experiencing hope, joy and excitement. Perhaps the question she was really...[ read more ]

The Chinese Finger Trap

Avoidance Metaphor from ACT

Feeling Stuck: Negative Emotions and the Chinese Finger Trap Negative emotions and bad memories are like a Chinese finger trap.  You know, those little toys that trap your fingers when you try to remove them.  Remember playing with those as kids?  Yep, those are what I mean.  In fact, I keep several in my office to grab each time a...[ read more ]

Do You Suffer from Anxiety? Yoga Can Help!

Do You Suffer from Anxiety? Yoga Can Help! Life is full of moments that cause us to feel stressed or nervous. Getting up and speaking in front of a large group of people, starting a new school, and trying to ace that important job interview - all of these scenarios can make us fearful, resulting in sleepless nights and performance...[ read more ]

2 Techniques to Battle Test Anxiety in High School & College

Test Anxiety in high school and college

2 Techniques to Battle Test Anxiety in High School & College   Test Anxiety is very common among high school and college students and a topic I often discuss with clients as they face exams throughout the school year. If you are one of the many people who feels anxious right before an exam even when you have studied, here...[ read more ]

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