Client Forms


Client Forms


Below are the forms our therapists most frequently ask clients to fill out.


Client Intake Form

New clients need to print and bring both the Client Intake Form and the Financial Agreement to your first appointment.  Please fill out the Client Intake Form with as much information as possible as it helps us begin our assessment, get accurate information into our computer system and figure out how to best help you. Please note that the last page is a copy of our privacy practices for you to keep.

Financial Agreement

Please print this agreement out and bring it to your first appointment.  Your therapist will review their individual rates with you and fill in that information before you both sign.

Release Form

Please bring this form out and complete it if there is anyone you would like your therapist to be able to communicate with. Clients often want to complete this form so we can speak to parents (once you are 18, we cannot speak to a parent unless this form is on file), spouses, psychiatrists, former counselors or schools about your treatment.  You get to decide how much or how little we can say.

Limits of Confidentiality

Your privacy is one of our top priorities at Aspire Counseling.  There are a few circumstances where laws and ethics require us to break your confidence and this document explains what those situations might be in a. little more detail than the intake form.

PCL-C PTSD Screening

Clients receiving treatment for PTSD complete this screening on a regular basis. This helps us monitor your PTSD symptoms so we know if your trauma symptoms are getting better or worse. You may be asked to complete additional screenings (such as one for anxiety or one for depression) on regularly as well.

Initial Screening Tools

Most adult clients are asked to complete the screenings in this document at the beginning of treatment and sometimes at other points as well.  This helps us know how the problem bringing you to therapy is impacting you so we know what other questions to ask and how to plan your treatment so it’s the most helpful.




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