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Fear, Stress & Anxiety Therapy

Does fear leave you paralyzed and unable to move forward?

Are you anxious in social situations?

Do you have sudden panic attacks in stressful situations?

A little bit of anxiety or stress can be healthy, but when if it is starting to impact your ability to live life to it’s fullest, anxiety treatment can help. Whether you’re struggling with social anxiety, feel paralyzed by fear before tests at school or find yourself avoiding things due to anxiety, treatment can help. In fact, anxiety responds very well to our counseling interventions. Through counseling, our anxiety therapists help people in the Columbia, Missouri area face their fears, conquer anxiety and learn new ways to cope with stress. We will listen to your struggles and help you begin to find a path forward. Whether this means learning new ways to approach a problem, building problem solving skills, systematically facing your fears one by one, practicing Mindfulness or looking at your core inner beliefs, our therapists have the skills, training and caring touch to help!

Anxiety Treatment: What to Expect from Counseling

At Aspire Counseling, all of our therapists are able to provide effective treatment for anxiety. We believe in providing treatment that helps you find freedom from anxiety quickly, so all of our therapists are trained in counseling interventions that are supported by research.  What does this mean? We’ll provide you with anxiety treatment that really works!

Counseling usually starts with a period of assessment where your therapist will ask a bunch of questions about when you feel anxious (what are your anxiety “triggers”), what situations you try to avoid due to your anxiety and what’s helped you cope so far.  From there, we’ll talk about ways you can cope with your anxiety right now such as mindfulness, grounding techniques and self care.

The next step in anxiety treatment usually involves exposure of some kind.  In some cases, this means exposure to your anxious thoughts.  We may use Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to talk about the racing thoughts that feed your anxiety.  On the other hand, we frequently use exposure where we systematically have you place yourself in the exact situations where you feel anxious.  I know this sounds scary, but it’s effective.  In fact, exposing yourself (very carefully, in a planned a systematic way after you’ve learned specific coping skills) is the most effective way to treat anxiety.

You will have the support of your therapist the entire journey.  We won’t ask you do to something we’re not confident you can do and will individualize our approach based on your unique fears, symptoms, values and preferences.  Your therapist will help you rank the situations where you feel the least to most anxiety and then we’ll start small with situations where you are less anxious.  You’ll also have all of the tools we discussed earlier in therapy at your disposal to cope with anxiety as it comes up. Slowly, your brain will begin to realize that you don’t have to be so anxious about tests, social situations, or the future.  You’ll begin to believe in your own success.

Anxiety treatment is generally very effective.  Please contact us today to get started!

Grounding Kit for Anxiety Attacks

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Is anxiety holding you back?
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Do you have panic attacks? Perhaps in the middle of the day when you least expect it you become overwhelmed with a sense of urges panic as if you just can’t keep going.  Some people report feeling this sense of panic when they get really stressed.  Others are more likely to have a panic attack during calm, quiet moments when they are alone and scared of facing their own thoughts or memories.

When providing anxiety treatment for social anxiety, test anxiety and even panic attacks, we often teach grounding techniques.  Grounding techniques help get you out of your head (i.e. out of the anxious thoughts) and into your body so you are connected with the present moment.

If you experience frequent panic attacks, it may be helpful to create a Grounding Kit to keep with you wherever you are most likely to experience a panic attack. Items in this kit will help bring you back to the present moment when you feel that sense of panic, fear and urgency beginning to rise through your body. This download has potential items to include to help you stay grounded in the present moment. They are easy to use items that appeal to all five senses.  During counseling sessions, we will discuss this and other ways to cope with anxiety and reduce your panic attacks.

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