Fear, Anxiety, & Stress


Fear, Anxiety, & Stress

Does fear leave you paralyzed and keep you from moving forward?

Are you anxious much of the time?

Do you feel overwhelmed by stress?

A little bit of anxiety or stress can be healthy, but when if it is starting to impact your ability to live life to it’s fullest, consider calling Aspire Counseling. The good news is that anxiety treatment can be very effective. Through counseling, our therapists help people in the Columbia, Missouri area face their fears, conquer anxiety and learn new ways to cope with stress. We will listen to your struggles and help you begin to find a path forward. Whether this means learning new ways to approach a problem, building problem solving skills, systematically facing your fears one by one, practicing Mindfulness or looking at your core inner beliefs, our therapists have the skills, training and caring touch to help!

Grounding Kit for Anxiety Attacks

If you experience frequent panic attacks, it may be helpful to create a Grounding Kit. This download has ideas about useful things to keep with you to help you stay grounded in the present moment when anxiety and panic begin to take hold. Discussing the reasons for grounding and helping clients create an individualized grounding kit to may be a useful part of anxiety treatment depending on your needs. During counseling sessions, we will discuss this and other ways to cope with anxiety and reduce your panic attacks.

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